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The Ant Eater
December 2016

Ant Eater was a 15 second short that was completed within one semester.  The team consisted of six members that each specialized in a different areas of production.  I was the lead modeler and rigger for this short.  I was responsible for modeling both characters and all of the rigs in the short.  I also model the facade thats surrounds the hole inside the cave.  As well as the crown that sits on the top of the Ant Queen.  I was given roughly a week and half to model each of the character.  To do this I used a combination of Maya and ZBrush.  For the rigs I was given roughly two weeks for each of the character rigs.  This meant all the controls had to be the same for both of the characters for constancy for the animators. Each character got their own blend shapes since the faces are different.  ​

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