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Taco Bell - Retrieval
February 2019 

The newest blockbuster-sized spot for Taco Bell out of Deutsch, directed by James Gray of Superprime, brings together the world’s most brilliant minds to find the suddenly missing Nacho Fries, which have disappeared into another dimension. James Marsden, of HBO’s Westworld, plays an unlikely hero -  taking on the challenge to risk his life and everything he loves to bring the cheesy, crispy deliciousness back to the good people of Earth.

Framestore’s team, led by Executive Creative Director Aron Hjartarson, took on the cinematic spot, infusing it with a classic VFX blockbuster aesthetic. Diving headlong into the fantastical nature of the story, the team fully embraced the parody of the spot. It was important to ensure that despite their outlandish nature, the visual elements served the narrative and conveyed the concept of a wormhole and interdimensional travel through persistent visual cues. Using fun, retro influenced VFX, Framestore amplified the drama while also playing up the outrageousness of the scenario. ​

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